A few shots of my closet

Here’s a couple pics of my closet. Favourite room in my apartment.

When I looked at this apartment the landlord told me the previous tenant used this room as their bedroom. However I have a queen sized bed and it would have just fit in the space, and left me with no closet space. I instantly decided it would be my closet/dressing room.

But how to set this all up and make it functional and fantastic?

First thing was to find a double hang garment rack which I found at Giant Tiger for $20-30. Also I had the bookshelf already from a previous apartment so that was dedicated to some of my shoes. Then I knew I needed more hanging space for pants, skirts and shorts so I bought two narrow bookshelves (can’t see those), stacked them and placed in the corner. I connected them with my shoe shelf with wooden dowels from Home Depot. They hold my purses and all of my flats.

My jewelry organization has travelled with me since 2005 when my dad built it for me and another past apartment (I’ve moved too much due to school). All it is, is painted pegboard (again purchased at Home Depot) and the hooks specifically made for pegboards. Very cheap and practical way to hang all my baubles and bangles.

A vanity was also a necessity because I really like to sit and do my makeup (not my hair, that happens in the bathroom). My dad made this for me, as well, out of two narrow shorter bookshelves (same as the ones in the corner of the room discussed previously), and a board I found at Habitat for Humanity. The mirror I found years and years ago at a old family friend’s mom’s house when they were cleaning it out. It was an ugly brown , I think, so I painted it black then took silver paint to bring out the details. The chandelier sticker on the wall was something I found at Dollarama, of all places, and it adds a nice touch. The chair was a thrifting find and was repainted and recovered by my mom (the true crafty one in the family).

Last but not least, I needed some drawer space for unmentionables (even though I just mentioned them), PJS and workout clothes. Another thrifting find (care of my parents), which we fancied up with black electrical tape along the edges. Yes you read that right, electrical tape!! I also used that on my shoe shelves and vanity. The bags above the dresser are from purchases I’ve made and are just in shadow boxes from Ikea. Have a few more to frame from bloomingdales and tiffanys.

So I think that’s a pretty good story of how that room came together. Ask any questions if you have them

til next time…


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