Swatched: Essie Wild Nudes Collection

Essie Wild Nudes Collection Exposed, Skinny Dip, Winning Streak, Bare With Me, Clothing Optional, and Without A Stitch Swatch Review

Today, I have the Essie Wild Nudes collection for you (well, 6 of the 8 new shades). This collection is a new take on what a neutral polish is, and I think it is done super well. You have your typical nude/pink shades but then you also draw from what a neutral is in fashion with gray, khaki, and steel blue/navy.

You can find the Essie Wild Nudes collection in drugstores as well as on Amazon, Ulta, and Trade Secrets.

I have 6 of the 8 shades of the collection swatched below (missing Mooning and Wild Nude). All swatches have 2 coats unless otherwise noted.

Essie Wild Nudes Collection Clothing Optional Swatch Review

Clothing Optional – This medium toned sienna brown has a gorgeous mauve/rosy hint to it that makes it a perfect deeper neutral polish. Nice and creamy in its finish and will become one of my go-to neutral polishes for sure.

Essie Wild Nudes Collection Without A Stitch Swatch Review

Without A Stitch – I love a good gray polish and this is definitely a great one! Not super light so that it gets mistaken for white, this creamy light/medium toned gray is perfectly balanced in colour. No issues with streaking which was lovely because grays can be prone to that.

Essie Wild Nudes Collection Skinny Dip Swatch Review

Skinny Dip – The sheerest polish of the bunch is very light pink in colour (but the website says it is a light peach pink shade with a hint of black. What?!) and really reminds me of the finish of OPI’s Bubble Bath. I had to use three coats to achieve the opacity shown in the swatch. No issues with streaking which really is a miracle with a sheer shade. Not really a polish for me but it is very classic and definitely goes with the ‘nude’ collection name (well if you have fairer skin).

Essie Wild Nudes Collection Bare With Me Swatch Review

Bare With Me – Essie describes this polish as a light apricot with a gray cast. It’s definitely a unique take on a muted apricot shade and I think it would look great with a lot of skin tones because of the balance the gray cast brings. Again, the creaminess of these polishes is fantastic and definitely making me like Essie polishes a lot more than I used to.

Essie Wild Nudes Collection Exposed Swatch Review

Exposed – Hands down. My absolute favourite of the Essie Wild Nudes collection. This deepened khaki/moss green is so great and definitely shows you that a colour can still be a neutral on your nails. Application was fantastic and will carry into fall super well too.

Essie Wild Nudes Collection Swatch Review Winning Streak

Winning Streak – This deepened purple with gray tones in it is a great introductory dark shade for people a little bit shy to go dark on their nails. Not harsh like a black polish, this will complement so many different skin tones and you can see it doesn’t overwhelm my pale complexion. Application was fantastic as well.

Which shade from the Essie Wild Nudes collection is your favourite?

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Disclaimer: Products provided for review purposes.


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  1. June 14, 2017 / 11:24 pm

    “Clothing Optional”! Like a grayed out “Angora Cardi” (which I’m still trying to get my hands on).

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