Anastasia Subculture Palette

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

Well this might have been the most polarizing, talked about makeup release of the past few years. The Anastasia Subculture Palette was announced out of nowhere and everyone was very excited for the fun, different sister of the beloved Modern Renaissance. The colours were so different and people knew that this palette would make them step out of their comfort zone and create some amazing eye looks.

The Anastasia Subculture Palette was released and I had to pick it up the first day it was available. Now of course because of my move at the exact same time, this palette sat in a box for weeks. During those same weeks, the beauty community was talking nonstop about Subculture. And it wasn’t good.

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

A lot of people were shocked by the powdery finish. Others hated how it blended. A small group loved the palette and started saying those who didn’t, needed to learn how to use eyeshadows properly.

My 30 day period with Sephora was coming to an end and I knew I HAD to try out this palette so I could get my money back. So I swatched it. I used it on the Sunday morning of IMATS (for the first time. I’m clearly an adventurous idiot). I tried to create a few looks for this blog post as well. I came to a conclusion pretty quickly.

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

I hate this palette. It’s like that saying “Good from far but far from good.” The colours look great. Until you try and use them at all.

I’ve swatched the shadows below and you can also see how powdery the shadows really are. And yes, they are more powdery than the Modern Renaissance palette.

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

All the shadows swatched really well. The worst one was Rowdy but it was still decently pigmented. I loved the look of the yellows, the peach shade Roxy and the gorgeous burgundy.

I used Dawn, Roxy, All Star, and Adorn the first time I used the palette. All Star oxidized on my lid. And not in a uniform way. Literally a darker streak just below my crease. I managed to salvage it with the coppery/bronze metallic shade Adorn but that was super hard to build up over the matte shades underneath.

I included the two other looks I created below. Let’s just put this right out there though. I am not happy with the second look at all. But honestly it was the best I could do with the shadows. It definitely highlights the whole “DON’T BLEND THESE SHADOWS” point.

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

This first look doesn’t look too bad at first glance. I used Dawn, Roxy, Fudge, Edge, New Wave, and Electric to create this. I experienced some patchiness at my outer corner with Fudge but New Wave was actually very nice. The biggest problem can be seen below. There are dots of a darker brown throughout my crease. That would be the shadow oxidizing in the pores of the skin (that I didn’t really even knew existed there). I couldn’t believe that when I saw it.

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

Well the trend of oxidizing continues. The second look below I used Axis, Untamed, Adorn, Destiny, and a mixture of Cube and Electric. You can see that the pigmentation of the teal shades are just not there. I even packed it on my lids and couldn’t get it any darker than this. Again, I had oxidization around the pores/hair follicles of the browbone. I also found it extremely difficult to apply Adorn over the matte shades for this look and couldn’t blend it out without removing the colour of Untamed. You can also see to the right of Adorn that Untamed became very dark when I tried to blend the two shadows together.

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

Anastasia Subculture Palette Review Swatches

Well there you have it. I’ve already returned the palette to Sephora so I could get my money back. I definitely spent it on Fenty Beauty products.

Did the Anastasia Subculture Palette work for you? Or were you let down just like me?

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  1. September 13, 2017 / 10:20 am

    I stayed away from this palette when I kept hearing that it was difficult to use. I like the colors but decided to not bother. I’m glad you were able to return it. Sephora is great for returning products and I like purchasing through them for that reason.

    • Kaitlyn D
      September 13, 2017 / 3:36 pm

      Yeah I was very happy I was able to test it out before my 30 days period was over. I think I’m going to go to Inglot to get some dupes for certain shades cause I know they have a few. That way I get the colours but without the difficulty of using them.

  2. September 14, 2017 / 12:33 am

    Shittttt girllll. That looks AWFUL on you. And I know you know how to blend your eyeshadow so frigggg that’s bad. Your looks basically mimic what I tried and I was like NOPE. I didn’t bother to photograph mine, but I’m glad you did because it’s comforting to know we had a near identical experience.

    • Kaitlyn D
      September 15, 2017 / 4:18 pm

      hahaha thanks. Never thought I would be happy to hear that something looked like shit on me. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that struggled/hated this palette.

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