Morphe 35O2 Palette | Swatches and Shade Comparisons

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches

After the major success of the Morphe 35O Palette, it made complete sense for them to release the Morphe 35O2 Palette. A few weeks ago, my friend Julie picked up one for me and I finally had time to swatch it and start playing around with the palette.

I will be posting an eye look on my Instagram account later but wanted to share the swatches with you ASAP. This new 35O2 palette is the deeper companion to the 35O palette for sure. There aren’t a ton of light shades but instead very vibrant shades with a lot of warm neutrals.

In addition to the swatches of the palette (broken down by row), I also did some shade comparisons as there are a lot of shades that look basically identical in this palette. I would definitely say that is the big drawback for this palette along with the lack of lighter shades. Some of the shadows are freaking amazing in swatches though so it makes up for it.

You can pick up the Morphe 35O2 Palette on the Morphe site or on It retails for $23 USD and $29.17 CDN (on the Ulta site).

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Universal Pure Orb Tan Sizzle Amber Bronze

Shades (L to R) – Universal, Pure, Orb, Tan, Sizzle, Amber, Bronze

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Flux Contour Heat Ablaze Sauce Fire Ruby

Shades (L to R) – Flux, Contour, Heat, Ablaze, Sauce, Fire, Ruby

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Zodiac Polished Spice Terra Cotta Brick Rustic Zippy

Shades (L to R) – Zodiac, Polished, Spice, Terra Cotta, Brick, Rustic, Zippy

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Dust Risky Chestnut Halo Rich Brave In The Zone

Shades (L to R) – Dust, Risky, Chestnut, Halo, Rich, Brave, In The Zone

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Fawn Stone So Warm Toast Brunette Muddy Whiz

Shades (L to R) – Fawn, Stone, So Warm, Toast, Brunette, Muddy, Whiz

Now the shade comparisons!

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Tan vs Flux vs Spice

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Terracotta vs Risky vs Chestnut

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches In The Zone vs Fawn vs So Warm

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Contour vs Dust

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches Rich vs So Warm

And here’s a shot of the two 35O palettes beside each other. Look how “neutral” the 35O palette looks in comparison!

Morphe 35O2 Palette Swatches vs Morphe 35O Palette

What shades are you loving in the Morphe 35O2 Palette? Do you think you’ll pick up the new palette or is the first one enough?

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  1. November 30, 2017 / 11:47 pm

    I feel like this new palette is like the old one, but with the lights turned up. Im here for the brightness!

    • Kaitlyn Elisabeth
      December 3, 2017 / 10:59 am

      Yeah it’s definitely more in your face!

  2. February 13, 2018 / 9:37 pm

    I’m colorblind but most of the colors looked the same to me.

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