As I dive deeper into the beauty world, skincare has become more and more interesting to me. New molecules, developing state of the art treatments, tailoring things to my own skin. As I pay more… View Post

The people that are consistent with their masking routine always amaze me. I barely can remember to do one once a week lately, even though I desperately want to treat my skin to some pampering.… View Post

If there’s one thing I truly love in skincare, it’s AHAs. I really enjoy trying out a multitude of products that act as chemical exfoliants to help resurface my skin and make it as soft… View Post

Snails? In your skincare? Sounds weird right? Well THEFACESHOP has delved into this world and created a line of skincare that contains snail mucus filtrate (if you want it to sound fancy you can say… View Post

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